About Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a system of education that systematically combines classroom teaching/learning with real work experiences at workplace. Through supporting of industries and workplaces, the students work, develop learning skills and professional competencies in their field of studies. Such experiences make them more ready for the job that is in line with workplaces requirements of after graduation




  1. To promote learning and developing professional experiences of students through working under  industrial environment
  2. To enhance skills and experiences of  students that will make them more ready for employment
  3. To offer opportunities for industries to participate in human resource development valuable to community, society, and the country
  4. To create technical collaborations and bonding between industries and educational institutions
  5. To get  industrial feedback  for  curriculum development  that  is more responsive  to  the needs of  industries and  workforce  markets


Characteristics of Cooperative Education Program:


  1. Student  works  as  if  he/she  is  a  temporary staff of the workplace and is under  close supervision and guidance of  the  assigned  staff  throughout  the  program
  2. The student  will be given  a  clear job  responsibility  from the workplace but  in  line  with his/her field of study
  3. The student works full time for a period of one semester (16 weeks). During the period he/she will be under close monitoring and supervision from the University’s Cooperative Education Supervisors


Qualifications of the Participating Students:

  1. Possess  a  grade  point average  of  not  less  than 2.00
  2. Completed  Major’s subjects according to that required by his/her academic program
  3. Well behaved and not  being subjected  to  disciplinary  punishment
  4. Being accountable, self  discipline and capable of  self  development 


Benefit for the Participating Students:

  1. Opportunities for acquiring professional experiences in the field of study that enable him/her to do the job immediately after graduation
  2. Learn how to work with others and the opportunities for other skill development  that needed for employment  in  line with that required for quality of graduates
  3. Opportunities to explore and identify his/her own interest and professional competency needed in his/her subject  area
  4. Open opportunity to be employed even before graduation


Work Term Periods:      

First Semester:              August – December

Second Semester :       January – April



More information please contact: Cooperative Education & Career Development Center