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Sripatum University (SPU),  one of the oldest and most prestigious private universities in Thailand, was established in 1970 by Dr. Sook Pookayaporn  by the name ” Sripatum College.” The name “Sripatum” meaning “Source of Knowledge Blooming like a Lotus” was conferred on the college by Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother.

In 1987, the college was promoted to university status by the Ministry of University Affairs, and has since been known as Sripatum University. The University operates in 3 campuses;

  • Bangkhen Main Campus in Bangkok
  • Chonburi Campus near the country’s Eastern Seaboard
  • Sripatum University in Khon Kaen as Gateway to the Northeastern Region


The university’s main goal is to create well-rounded students who can develop themselves to their chosen fields of study and to instill the students with correct attitudes towards education so that they are enthusiastic in their pursuit of knowledge and self-development. This will provide the students a firm foundation for the future after graduation.

In March 2002, Sripatum University has reached another key milestone for being accredited by the International Standards Organization (ISO9001:2000) for both undergraduate and graduate programs.


Our Philosophy: ” Education develops human resources who enrich the nation ”

Our Vision: ” Thailand’s Leading University for the New Generation ”

Our Core Value: ” Wisdom, Skills, Cheerfulness and Morality ”


Presentation of Sripatum University

Academic Programs:

Sripatum University (SPU) provides a stimulating and international learning atmosphere to students by offering all courses, both lecture and laboratory, in English and Thai, taught by both foreign and Thai professors who have extensive overseas educational and work experience. The number of local and  international students at SPU is increasing due to SPU’s widely accepted reputation in quality educational programs and faculty members. Students are frequently given lectures on a variety of topics by visiting professors from the USA, UK, Japan, India, etc., which give them exposure to new and emerging subjects. At present, there are eleven faculties offering undergraduate programs namely:

The University’s Graduate School offers 21 Master’s Degree programs, 2 Executive MBA Programs, and 3 Doctoral Degree programs.


Academic Services: 

To comply with the University’s mission to provide academic services to the community and the society as a whole, Sripatum University has established following educational centers in collaboration with both public and private sectors.

  • SPU Business Incubator
  • International Retail and Franchise Business R&D Center
  • Consumer Behavior Research Center
  • Business Economics Research Center
  • Center of Commercial Laws
  • International Continuing Education Center
  • SPU Academic Service Center


Student Development:

SPU realizes that academic knowledge and ability alone cannot bring success. Therefore, the university encourages students to participate in the extra-curricular activities to ensure that they have the opportunities to develop social skills such as the ability to coordinate, to provide leadership, to utilize creativity and to enhance interpersonal skills, etc. This is to prepare students to face the real world and to give them a firm foundation for personal development. Also, academic exchange programs with selected universities in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and UK have been established to provide qualified students with an excellent opportunity for studying abroad.

The university takes very seriously its role in providing the nation with citizens who meet or exceed the highest ethical and professional standards. It does this by fulfilling the four responsibilities of today’s modern university: educating students to excel in business and become active participants in improving their communities, conducting valuable academic research, providing educational service to surrounding community, and preserving Thai arts and culture.


Commitment towards ICT Campus:

Sripatum University is committed to be ICT Campus through continuously deploying appropriate technology and developing media for educational purposes. It is the directive of the university to encourage the use of information technology in all the courses so as to prepare the students in the IT-enabled society. Moreover, information technology is used to assist the work of administrators, lecturers and staff so that they can perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

Currently, the university has initiated the E-Learning development project that aims at creating an open learning campus and expanding the academic service to give students a flexible learning environment. To further facilitate the access of information throughout campus, the university has developed a wireless LAN system that covers all main areas so that students can access the university knowledge servers and internet wherever they are on SPU campus.

Services & Facilities

The university places importance on creating academic environments that are conducive to learning at the university level. These facilities include a state-of-the-art library and a fully-equipped Media Center, modern class-rooms and lecture halls, auditorium, function rooms, Journal and Multi-media Library, internet service, wireless-lan, Smart Classroom, Think Lab, Language Lab, Thai Cultural Center, Medical Care Unit, Health Club & Fitness Center, Indoor Gymnasium , Sports Facilities, Professional & Career Development Center, Student Union, International Student One-Stop Service Center and Dormitories.

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Campus Clinic

1)    Here we provide all the basic nursing care, hygiene and health care including health counseling. Sripatum University aims to promote the health and wellbeing of all students and staff with support of doctors and nurses from Nawamin hospital.

2)    Information support on providing knowledge about various diseases as well as the campaign which invites students to participate in blood donation 3 times a year in cooperation with Thai Red Cross.

3)    Assist students to apply for a 30 Baht gold card for the hospital admission at Nawamin. Hospital and clinics in the network of Nawamin Hospital.


Campus Clinic

Tel.  66-2-579-1111 ext. 1216

Sripatum University

1st. floor – Building 2 61 Phaholyothin Road, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Fitness Center

Indoor Gym

SPU Indoor Gym has a wide range of sporting facilities for students including indoor tracking and practice fields for badminton, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball.  Open field sports such as tennis, soccer and horse riding are also provided at the contracted facilities outside campus.

Health Club

Health club offers a wide array of services, and at no charge for Sripatum students.  The recent health club houses work out equipment for exercise and body building.  Personal trainers are also available upon appointment.  Locker room with shower facility is also provided for men and women separately.


SPU Fitness Center
Tel. 662 579 1111, 662 579 2222 ext. 1189
Fax: 662 – 579-1111 ext. 1432, 662 – 579-8931

Internet Service

Sripatum University(SPU) currently offers students the opportunity to connect to the university network and the internet. A secure wireless network (Internet Wi-Fi) has been installed in all SPU buildings and SPU students can access to the internet/wireless/e-learning with their student account after having made email registration.

Journal & Multimedia Library

SPU Innovative Library provides high quality services, through its collection and access to worldwide information resources, to students, faculty members, and researchers for fulfilling the students and SPU members’ needs.

SPU new library facility has a total floor area of 2,518.5 square meters with a seating capacity of 500.

Contact: SPU Library Tel. 66-2-5791111 ext. 1208 Fax: 66-2-5791111 ext. 1290

Email : library@spu.ac.th

Media Center

Media Center, as an operations Center for radio, television, and graphics, has a sufficient number of modern equipments available for teaching and learning including for other types of service. It helps to develop students’ proficiency, and helps our professionals to transfer their personal knowledge and experiences to students more effectively and professionally. After having gone through the training provided at Media Center, students’ skills will be advanced and they will be ready to work as soon as they enter the labour market. There are several laboratories/rooms/studios for non-linear film editing, linear film editing, tape transfer, audio broadcasting, audio recording, as well as studio & control room. Outdoor equipment is also available for TV program production related subjects, and for filming service in case of university’s outdoor activities.


Media Center, Sripatum University

Tel. +66 2 5791111 ext. 2308 Fax: +662 – 5791111 ext. 2310

e-mail : mediacenter@spu.ac.th