Academic Calendar

Summer Semester : June - July
First Semester : August - December
Second Semester : January - May
Admission Requirement
1. Applicants to 4-year programme must hold an M.6 certificate (Grade 12) or its equivalent as issued by the Ministry of Education or a G.C.E. "O" level, not less than “C” in 5 subjects, or high school certificate from accredited institution (12 years of schooling).
2. Applicants to continuing programme must hold a diploma, higher-vocational level or equivalent, from schools or colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education.
3. Clear record of good behavior (police record)
4. Good physical and mental health
5. English Proficiency
- Applicants can either submit any of the following English Proficiency Test Scores: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or take SPU Pre-TOEIC test.
- The satisfactory tests scores are 176 for TOEFL-CBT, 63 for IBT and 500 for paper/or 5.0 for IELTS/ or 600 for TOEIC
- Those who have achieved the  required  tests  score are exempted from taking the SPU Pre-TOEIC test or Intensive English Course.
- Those who  have not achieved  the required tests score must attend SPUIC Course: English for Academic Skills
Documents for applications
1. Transcript
2. Graduate Certificate of Grade 12 or equivalent
3. Score of TOEFL or other internationally recognized English test (if available)
4. photos (2")
5. House Registration, National ID Card, Passport or appropriate identification
6. Completed application form

How to Apply from Abroad
1. Click here to Apply online or
2. Click below link to download and completed the application Form
Download application form - English version Click
Download application form - Chinese version Click
* Send completed application form and documents to
* Attach your application documents
International Programme Tuition & Fees
Tuition & Fees for Thai students Tuition Fees (Thai)
Tuition & Fees for Non-Thai students Tuition Fees (Non-Thai)
Payment Method (Apply from abroad and pay in Thai Baht)
Sripatum University issues invoice of the first semester to the applicant.
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 070-1-08577-9

The “Transaction Receipt” must be sent to
Sample of Remittance Form Click
VISA Application
* Sripatum University issues a letter of acceptance to the students to present to the immigration authorities in order to be granted a student visa.
* Once you received the above-mentioned acceptance letter, apply and obtain the student visa (“non-immigrant ED” visa) BEFORE entering Thailand.
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