Why Thailand?

Affordable expense
- Thailand is known as one of the most affordable place to live in because of low price of accommodation, food and transportation. An average cost of living in Thailand is around 15,000 baht (approximately $433 USD) per month.
- Educational Tuition fee is also very competitive comparing to other foreign countries. An average tuition fees for Bachelor degree program is range from USD 15,000-25,000. Scholarships are also available for foreign students.

The friendly locals
- As you may know that Thailand is called “the land of smile”, people are very friendly and helpful. Even though, you barely know Thai words, Thai people will try to communicate and help you.

Amazing foods
- Thai food is well-known all around the world. The taste is very savory, fresh and unique because most of Thai dishes combine of five taste senses, especially all unique herbs and spices. Also, Thailand has a variety of international food choices to choose from such as Western, Chinese, Japanese or even Indian. All of these delicious foods, they can be easily found in every corner of buildings at very affordable price.

Attractive destinations
- Thailand has many attractive and wonderful destinations to visit and many interesting activities to do. You can enjoy sightseeing along the river or around the town and having a traditional Thai massage. Going to see many beautiful ancient temples or getting some clothes and unique stuffs at shopping places and night markets are things that all travelers should put on the top of the list. Also, having a trip to the rural areas or islands for exploring the beautiful and gorgeous scenery is a “don’t miss” activity.

Easy-going city
- There are convenient stores, restaurants and even coffee shops open 24/7 where you can stop by and grab necessary things back home at anytime. It is super convenient. Most importantly, Thai people’s lifestyle and their mindset both people living in town and countryside are highly flexible, easy-going and open-minded.

Easy travel
- There are various options of transportation to choose; Airport Rail Link, Sky train, Subway, Bus, Taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Van, Motorbike and Boat.

Sripatum International College (SIC) 
The Path to A Global Network. We instill DNAs for the New Generation: "HI-SPEED" Honest, Intelligent, Socially-Responsible, Professional, Energetic, Ethical and Dynamic". 

SIC Info 
SIC was initiated to respond to the growing trend in education towards globalized collaboration and particularly to keep in tune with Asia's fast-paced development. Our International College integrates educational programs with the nation's economic, social and cultural growths. 
SIC students receive training of an international standard which will provide them with competitive edge when developing their career path in a rapidly changing global business environment and to take maximum advantage when accepting new opportunities. 

Our Philosophy 
Education is an important beginning for all people in their quest for self - fulfillment and the realization of their productive and creative potential. 

Our Vision 
To establish Sripatum International College as Thailand's Leading International Business College for the New Generation. 

Why Sripatum International College?

Learn from Professionals
All classes are arranged and taught by experts and professionals for students to gain knowledge from the real experienced people and to enhance their learning experience. We prepare students to be well-rounded in their field of studies as well as to have opportunities to take field trips and corporate visits to Thailand’s Leading Corporations and business sectors.

Intensive English Program for Non-Native Speakers
We ensure all non-native English speaking students achieve a standard quality of English proficiency by providing Intensive English course to all non-native speakers. This course will effectively help students improve English skills not only for their academic study skills but also for professional skills for their career path.

Affordable Tuition fees
The tuition fee for all academic programs is extremely affordable. An average tuition fee for Bachelor degree programs at Sripatum International College is ranged from USD 12,500-14,500.

International Networks
We have great connection and collaborations worldwide with both international corporations and distinguished higher education institutions. Students will have opportunities to participate in our Study Abroad Programs or internship with our partners, as we truly focus on encouraging them to gain more experiences and international exposure.

There are many scholarships offered to both Thai and international students such as Academic Excellence Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Special Talent Scholarship as well as Extra-Curricular Scholarship.

Sripatum University is a City Campus located in the center of the city, right on the main street, in the very convenient location and nice surroundings. Most importantly, the sky train station will be ready in the next 2 years, located right in front of the university. The Main Entrance to the campus will be just 1 step away from BTS. It will be much easier for students to travel to the university from any part of BKK.

State-of-the-art facilities
Our learning environment are modern and comfortable. Smart classrooms are fully equipped with multimedia facilities. Exclusive lounges and mini theatre are also available for students. Our Main Library is designed to serve the lifestyle of the New Generation with various edutainment zones  combining education with entertainment. The library offers all types of text books, meeting rooms, study rooms, briefing room, karaoke rooms with relaxing setup and atmosphere. It also includes computer zone for self-study. Free wi- fi and internet access are available throughout the campus.

Supportive faculty members
Executives, advisors, lecturers and all faculty members are attentive and dedicated to support students to succeed and accomplish their goal at SIC.