Stylish, smart and handsome Chinese boy, Faculty of International College. studying in Year 1

Freshman : “Zhang chen ming”to sripatum international college
Name Student : Charles 
Nickname Student : 
Zhang chen ming
Nationality : Chinese
Age : 20 years old
Major : International Business management 
​studying in Year 1

The University : Sripatum International college

His is student major in “International Business management of SPUIC”
Where is your home town?
- My home town is at Weifang, Shandong, China, I want to introduce my city to my Thai friends.­
What do you think about Thailand?­
- Thailand is a beautiful country with good people. Also, Thai people has a lot of positive energy, creativity. I can see that they are happy people.
What is your expectation on studying in this business management concentration?
- I hope that I can gain more knowledge to become a professional, also enhance my language skills, experiences and English business communication.
What is your plan after graduation from our international college?
- I want to work in the financial field such as international banker or financial consultant.
- Because I want to learn about Thai history and cultures. I have lots of friend who are studying and working in Thailand. There are so many things that I want to explore in this country including commercial and business sides.