Our Student: Manat Leng

Manat Leng
Age: 19

Major: International Hospitality Management

Graduated from Sonthormok High School, Phnom Penh, Cambodian


What is the reason that you decided to come to Thailand?
 The reason that I decided to come to Thailand is because it is famous of tourism and hospitality. Thailand has a lot of tourist attraction and yummy food.

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
Well during my spare time, I usually read Chinese and English book, moreover I always check videos about travelling and
food on YouTube.
Is there any difference between your home country and Thailand?
Actually there are not much different between this two countries. Just only some of language that a little bit different
What are the reasons that you choose to study international program?
The reason that I choose to study international program is that I want to study in Hospitality, so this major needs English language to communicate in business.
How is the atmosphere at SPU?
The atmosphere at SPU is very good. The classroom is very nice and comfortable. There are a lot of foreign students
that most of them are friendly and we try to communicate each other easily without any language problem.
How many languages you can speak?
I speak 4 languages. Of course my mother tongue Khmer, second language is English, and little Chinese and Thai.

What are the techniques that you use to improve your language skill?
Due to my personal skill, I usually read the book, watch more movies with language that I learnt, and do some research on internet.
What is your favorite quote for life?
My favorite quote is "It's not about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." —Rocky Balboa, Rocky.
Some thought to friends who are considering to study abroad.
Study abroad is not an easy task. It requires your hard work focus on things that we have to do for our future and it will be success in the future.