Our Student: Kikue Mizuno (Kiki)

Kikue Mizuno (Kiki)
Major: Airline business, Sripatum International College
Graduated from Technology Asia Vocational College, Thailand
Country: Japan
Internship: Japan Airlines


How can you define yourself?
Hard working girl (・ω・)


What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
- The reason that I came to Thailand was because I wanted to study and learn Thai. My grandmother and my mother speak Thai. That was my hugh motivation that i wanted to become fluent in Thai speaking. Also, i really wanted to get close and familiar  with Thai Culture


 What places in Thailand have you been visited?
- I have gone sightseeing to many place such as Doi Inthanon which is Thailand's highest mountain at Chiang mai as well as Racha-island, a beautiful  beach in Phuket. Also, I went to Nong Khai Mekong river which is located at Thailand Laos border. But  My favorite place in Thailand would probably be my grandmother house in Chiang rai. There are surrounded by trees and nature. That place is kind of refreshing and helps me recharging my energy.

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
- In my free time, I love making Japanese flashcards for Japanese-language learner. Sometimes, I teach Japanese for Thai kids or people who are interested in Japanese. Using flashcards teaching Japanese is a interesting way for student to learn Japanese and not hard to memorize vocabularies or difficult sentences. Every times, I see their smile, I can’t help but smiling too. I feel so happy that I could help and teach them.

What are the reasons that you chose to study in SIC?
- I chose to study at SIC because I wanted to study about English and Airlines. First time visiting here, SIC staff is very kind and helpful. They introduced almost every parts and departments that I have to get involved with in the university. At that moment, I knew that I made the right decision.
How is the study atmosphere in SIC?
- The study atmosphere is super great. Teachers always build a good relationship with students. Student won’t feel any pressure when studying and teachers sincerely give the explanation to the students whenever they feel confused with the lesson. I love when teacher share their working experience story or real-world working. The classroom is kind of homely atmosphere.


What is the thing here that you are impressed the most?
- Activities!  I would say.  Every semester will have activities in the university such as welcoming ceremony for new students, “Dok bua Games” which is sports day. Special event that’s held by SIC is very enjoyable and fun.
What's the best thing about this major?
- The best thing that I’ve learnt from this major is studying with the real and experienced people who working in this field more than decade. Most importantly, we practice English in the classroom and outside classroom every day. Even the smallest thing such as self-introduction, teacher will explain and teach us step by step. Also, there are many classes that we can experience and adjust ourselves to be ready for working.  I love the face that the class size is not too big. Teacher can really focus on each person. I have opportunity to talk in detail one by one with the teacher. That is totally awesome.

What is your most favorite place in the University? Why?
- Library is my favorite place. i can spend my whole day staying in SPU library. It has many private rooms for student to do a homework or group discussion. During the examination, I often went to the private room when reviewing the lesson or even preparing for the class presentation with my friend. SPU library provide many types of books and a lot of language books such as Chinese, English and Japanese. It’s very relaxing.

What is the most memorable moment during studying in here?
- It was on Freshy Night. I got to know many new friends and built good relationships with them. We had a dance together, learnt cheering code and played games. Everything was so fun!! It is totally a good memory for me during my university life.


We’ve heard something cool about your internship. Could you tell us a little bit about that?
- I have a great opportunity that I could get an internship with Japan Airlines at Suvarnabhumi airport as a passenger traffic staff. I’m so very happy and very excited. I can’t wait to learn and experience more about real-world working and enhance my knowledge. I will try my best to apply the thing that I’ve learnt so far from the classes

What is the best way to improve your English?
- Talking about improving my English, I can say that practice is the best way to make it better. I use English in my daily life talking to my SIC friend, teachers, or even tourists. In the beginning, I felt nervous because my English didn’t use English that much.  This way helped my English more fluent in English and be natural when speaking. The another way is that I look up the lyric of the song I am listening to

What is quote of your life?
- My favorite motto is "practice makes perfect”. This quote encourages me to continue doing something with all my strength and it goes well really. For example, before moving to Thailand, I couldn’t speak Thai even a simple word. But somehow  I keep practicing  writing and speaking Thai. First, It was very difficult and boring. But I believe “practice makes perfect” it’s really does. Now, I can both writing and speaking Thai.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SPU?
- You will learn with specialists and they will not just teach thing from the textbook but, they will demonstrate and show how thing work in real-work. They also sincerely share their experience which students will definitely apply to your future career.