Our Student: Javed Sultan (Khan)

Javed Sultan (Khan)
Major: International Hospitality Management (International Program), Sripatum International College

Graduated from Govt. Abdul Haq Islamia College, Pakistan

How can you describe yourself in 3 words?
  • Flexible, Motivated, Friendly.
What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
  • I love spending my time on reading book, cooking and play boxing.
What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
  • The big reason is that I can experience to learn multi-culture and the price is reasonable. Also, Thailand is known as a peaceful and interesting place.
How do you like Thailand?
  • I love Thailand. There are many awesome nature beauty places and landscape.

What are the reasons that you chose to study in Sripatum International College?
  • I knew through one of my Thai friend who was studying in Thai program.  
How is the study atmosphere in Sripatum International College?
  • The studying atmosphere is nice and friendly.
What is the thing here that you are impressed the most?
  • I can say that I’m impressed by the modern classrooms and Library.
In your opinion, what is the best way to improve English?
  • I always find the opportunity that giving me a chance to speak such as participating English camps or English speaking activities



What is the key of the success in life?
  • Be positive and work hard today for tomorrow.
 What kind of job would you like to do after you graduated from SPU?
  • Related to hospitality either to be a teacher or Service provider.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SPU?
  • Yes!  I would like to say that here is a good place study but do not just depend everythingon teachers. Try to find more advance and relevant knowledge.