Our Alumni: Weena Wiley

Weena Wiley
Alumni: International Business Communication, Sripatum International College
Present position: Technical Support Advisot, Apple Inc., California, USA

• Brief background before studying at SIC
- Before studying at SIC, I graduated from Franklin High School, CA. I was just a regular kid. My family was not rich or anything but fortunate that my part of my family was in CA. So, I moved to CA with. When finished with High school, My English was understandable. I can communicate in English. I was just a kid that love to help community and always enjoying doing all kind of activities to help people out.

• How did you know SIC?
- At that time, I was planning to go back to Thailand for University and I looked up Best Private Universities in Thailand and Sripatum University is one of them, so I started to go through all the details and found out that Sripatum has International college

• Why SIC?
- Honestly, SIC wasn’t my first choice back then, I had another University that I wanted to go and I called and emailed them. I could feel that they weren’t really of helping me. I always had to keep on track with them and it was very hard for me because of the time difference and plus expensive charge to call back to Thailand from the US. At that moment, I feel like why didn’t’t I try SIC. I started calling SIC and checking on scholarship and applied for one and had been emailing with the staffs. They were so kind and shown the willingness to help which really impressed me and they even keep in touch with my mom. That point just changed everything. I knew myself that I really wanted to be with the environment like that. it fitted me so much. Big thanks to their helps both staffs and director of SIC Dr. Chinda. Because of their kind helps, I was able to enrolled as a student of SIC :)


• How was the class and your learning experience?
- Love it!! love all classes, I felt like all classes materials and textbooks are almost exactly like class in the US. I felt like our education in Thailand is equivalent with USA. Pretty impressed on that.

• How was your campus life at SIC? Lecturer, Friends, Facilities
- I love how our campus is not too big that we have to drive from one building to another because it keeps all of us from different faculties together and easier to do activities. In the campus doesn’t have dormitory but near by the university has nice dormitory which is about 500-600 meters far from university. This dormitory is for girl only. I love it. I was there for 4 years, Gosh. I missed it. Processor and friends are the BEST!! and I mean it!! Processors are so easy to work with and so professional and my classmate are from all around the world, I feel like it is more than just the class room, I got a chance to learn about their cultures and even their languages !


• Working experiences
- After graduated from SIC, my first job was with International customer relation for Kasikorn Bank Headquarter. I was enjoying my time learning and applying my knowledge and skills with them a lot because my major was International Business Communication and I was responsible for taking care of foreigners who have account with Kasikorn over the phone. It was so much fun. I’m currently working here in California working as iOS Technical Support Advisor for Apple Inc. This has proved that we should never underestimate ourselves for being a student of Private University. We also are capable to work for the Global Company as Apple, So, if your last name is Sripatum like mine then don’t look down on yourself, keep your head up high and whatever goals you have just keep working hard to get them. If you don’t have your goal yet? Well. work hard!!


• Recommendation
- Last but not least, I want to give this message to all brothers and sisters of both SPU and SIC. The reputation of school not depend on how many campuses they have or how big the campuses are but, it’s all about the quality of the us who are the next generations that will go out there and help out society, get a good job and show them how we can make a difference as Sripatum.