Our Student: Berat Aslon

Berat Aslon

Major in International Hospitality Management, Srpatum International College
Graduated from Bayazitoglu Sparta High School, Ankara, Turkey

Living in Thailand
What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
- Actually, I came to Thailand for playing football. I was playing professional football player in Turkey and decided to play in Thailand.

How do you like Thailand?
- I really do like Thailand and I am so happy to stay here. One of the reason that I chose Thailand is that people in Thailand are so friendly and always try to help others without getting any benefit.

What is your favorite Thai food? 
- I like to et padthai, som tum, tom yum kung and kao pad kai. I can not eat pork because of my religion. So, when I find something to eat, I have to ask if it is pork or not.

What are the Thai traditional festivals that you know and what is your favorite one?
- I know Songkran and Loy kratong. My favorite one is definitely Songkran because I love water fight.

what place do you most often go while staying here?
- Temples are my favorite place to go in Thailand. I can say that I have visited all famous temples in Bangkok. All of them are so beautiful. Even though I am not Buddhist, when I go temple I feel better. 

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
- I don’t have much free time as I work almost everyday but if I have free time I like to hangout with my friends, go to the gym, watch movies and do some activities that make me feel happy and relaxed.
Studying in SPU

What are the reasons that you chose to study in SPU?
- I had some friends who were studying in SPU. So, they recommended me to study here.

How is the study atmosphere in SPU?
- The study atmosphere is good. I enjoy every moment when I stay in SPU. All students and teachers are so kind and friendly. I am so grateful and proud to study in SPU.

What is the best way to improve your English?
- The best way is studying hard, but only studying hard is not enough. You have to do extra things like watching English movies with subtitles, listening English music and make some foreigner friends for practicing speaking skill.
What kind of job would you like to do after you graduated from SPU?
- I will try to come back to play football again in Thailand. If it doesn’t work, I would like to get job in some international company in Bangkok.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SPU?
- I would lie to say that you will be happy if you study here. I believe that success comes from happiness and I am pretty sure that you will find happiness in SPU.