Our students: Shao Liu Xuan (Sandy)

Meet SIC Students:
Shao Liu Xuan (Sandy)
MajorInternational business management
Graduated from Second Affiliated High School of Yunnan Normal University


Living in Thailand

What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
- It happened when my parents’ friend and my parents were talking about university. They recommended SPU to my parents. They told us that SPU is very good and outstanding university. After I heard that, I googled and checked the information. Then, I know this is the place that I am looking for. So, I didn’t hesitate to apply to Sripatum International College.

How do you like Thailand?
- I can say that Thailand is the most beautiful and attractive country that I have ever seen and been to.

What do think about Thai Language? Is it difficult?
- It is quite hard but I put a lot of afford to improve my Thai. Surprisingly, I got an A in the Thai Language subject.  

What places in Thailand have you been visited?
- I went to Hua-hin. It was pretty beachside town.

Do you know Thai festival? And what is your favorite one?
- Yes I know. I know Song-kran festival and Teacher day. I really love Song-kran festival because I will have long holiday so that I can plan to travel outside the city.

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
- I like to go to the shopping mall because there are the shopping malls near to the university. I love to go there in my spare time.

While living in Thailand, what do you normally do in each day?
- For my opinion, studying is the most important. As a foreigner who at first didn’t understand much about Thai but living and studying in Thailand, It is not easy at all. So, I try so much on studying, practicing and reviewing the lessons. I can say that most of the time, I spend on reading the book either at library or my dormitory

Where do you stay while living in Thailand?
- I live nearby the University. It is very convenience.
Studying in Sripatum International College (SIC)


What are the reasons that you chose to study in SIC ?
- Because education system is above the standard and actually, everything is beyond my expectation. Here has everything I need such as nice library, classroom with well-equipped and teacher that willing to help me. Also, I have learnt the subjects such as International Trade Law and Organizational Behaviors etc. that I think it is very useful to my future career. I really like it.

How is the study atmosphere in SIC?
- The study atmosphere here is very great and I’m impressed with all the equipment using in the classroom. Especially, I love how big of our library is. There are many sections and rooms divided to different purposes such as big meeting room, karaoke room and computer section.

How far is it from your living place to SIC? And how do you get to SIC?
 -  Not far at all, It takes about 10 minutes.

What kind of job would you like to do after you graduated from SIC?
- I might study master degree right after I graduated. So, I still haven’t given it a thought on what kind of job I would like to do

How do you contact your family?
- Mostly, I use Wechat. Very convenient.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SIC?
- SIC is the best choice. I never disappoint that I chose here. Teachers and friends are friendly and always take a good care of others. I am sure that SIC can provide us the bright future.