Our student: LIU HAN FANG (Henry)

Major: International Hospitality Management 
Graduated from Kunming No.8 Schools, Yunnan, Kunming, P.R. China


Living in Thailand

What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
- There are many reasons on why I chose here to pursue my bachelor degree. I searched for the more information then I decided to come here and I think I made the right decision. I really love Thai culture especially the environment here is very similar to China. So, living in here doesn’t have to change my lifestyle much. Personally, I love going to the beach and Thailand has many beaches and seas where it takes just a couple hours to go there and spending time getting some fresh air and enjoying nice scener. In near future, there is a possibility of having high speed train from my city to Thailand and that will make the traveling for even more easier.

How do you like Thailand?
- I really love Thai Food. Som-tam and crispy pork are my favorite dishes. Also, I enjoy seeing Thai temple art and architecture. It is so beautiful. Most importantly, I personally think that Thai people are nice and helpful especially Thai girls are adorable and kind.    

What do think about Thai Language?
- At first. I thought Thai was way too difficult but now I’m gradually getting used to it and think that Thai is way more easier than chinese  

What places in Thailand have you been visited?
- I’ve been to many places such as Chiang mai, Phuket and Pattaya.

Do you know Thai festival? And what is your favorite one?
- I know Song-kran and Loy Kratong Festival. My favorite probably be Song-Kran festival  because I can play water fight with my friends.

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
- Normally, I like to go to the Central Lardprao and Major Ratchayothin. These 2 are the shopping mall where is located around the university and there are a lot of shops and restaurants as well as movie theater.

While living in Thailand, what do you normally do in each day?
- Mostly, I have class in the morning and afternoon. So, basically, after finished all the classes, I go to the fitness center where is in the University and after that I go hanging out with my friends. 

Where do you stay while living in Thailand?
- I am staying in the condominium which is very close to the Sripatum University. It takes 10-15 minutes walk.

Studying in Sripatum International College (SIC)

What are the reasons that you chose to study in SIC ?
- Because I would like to improve both Thai and English language. I always think that if I want to understand how to use English perfectly and fluently, I should be in an English-speaking environment so that I will get used to of speaking English and once you get used to it, English will come out naturally. The most important is that be able to communicate in English will give better chance to get the good job.

How is the study atmosphere in SIC?
- Teachers always focus things that students can apply to their life and career. Every chapter is precise and straight to the point. Teachers and friends are super friendly and helpful. Teacher always ask and help any student’s concern. I am very happy to be in SIC.

What kind of job would you like to do after you graduated from SIC?
- Actually, I want to work that related to what I have learnt which is about Hospitality industry. On the other side, I want to run my own business and I hope that day will come through.

How do you contact your family?

- I use Wechat or sometimes I call them.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SIC?
-  Knowledge is something that you should never stop seeking. If you want to study in an international study environment and get friendly atmosphere, here is your answer.