"WEIBO came to Thailand" At Sripatum University

"WEIBO came to Thailand"
Special appreciation to the Faculty of Digital media, Sripatum University,
the organizer of the successful presentation topic “VLOG in the University” for our students.

“WEIBO” It’s very useful and it’s a modernized application, it has expanded our vision.
SPUIC gains great knowledge that will inspire and promote creative education and new learning environment for students of Sripatum University.



WEIBO in Thailand, let’s meet and follow..!!
Meet WEIBO management team, the top one most downloaded-application in China.
To discover best social marketing tecniques from China’s top pros who can break into China’s market.  Learn how to make the most out of your story into the world of vloggjng and content creation. 

*Presentation Topics;
-Get to know WEIBO
-Influence of WEIBO
-Value of Weibo, why do we need it?
-How to get start with China market
-Create an attractive vloggjng.

On November 12, 2019
At Sripatum University.