Daniel Hajjawi
Major: International Business Management. (International Program), Sripatum International College
Graduated from Parramatta High School, Australia


What are the reasons that you decided to come to Thailand?
• I came to Thailand because I wanted to experience studying abroad and being that I’m half Thai it was my number one option.

How do you like Thailand?
• I love Thailand. I came here every year as a kid so it’s like my second home to me.

What places in Thailand have you been visited?
• I have been visited many places in Thailand including the Northern and North-Eastern districts but I have never been to the south.

What do you mostly like to do in your free time?
• I enjoy hanging out with my friend and just relaxing.

How can you descripe yourself in 3 words
• Adventurous, out-going and friendly

We’ve heard that you are a basketball player and have been playing since young. Why did you choose to play basketball?  Do you have any memorable moment that happened during competition or practicing?
• Well, before I started playing basketball, I used to play rugby but I guess I got into basketball when my elder brother started playing. when I played with Mono Vampire Academy, I had to go practice everyday and I have had a lot of competitions so there are a lot of memorable moments.

What are the reasons that you chose to study in SPU?
• Actually, my basketball coach is the coach of the SPU basketball team and most of my teammates study at SPU. So, I decided to move to SPU as well and the fact that it’s close to where I live is a bonus

How is the study atmosphere in SPU?
• I love the study atmosphere at SPU. The professors are great and my fellow peers are always helping one another. I feel like we’re all just one big family.

What is the best way to improve your English?
• I would say the best way to improve your English skills is by actually using it, no matter how much you read and practice alone it’s never going to be good if you don’t use it.

What is the key success in life?
• I believe the key to be success in life is happiness. That’s why I’m always smiling. There’s a quote that I love and it’s something I live by “doing what you like is freedom, liking that you do is happiness”.

What kind of job would you like to do after you graduated from SPU?
• It’s always been my dream to be a businessman just like my father so that’s what I’m aiming for after I graduate.

Last question, would you like to say something to your friends who are considering studying in SPU?
• To the people considering studying at SPU, I just want to say if you’re looking for a happy and warm community where help is always around the corner then welcome to the SPU family.