Sripatum University in association with Kun Shan University, Taiwan, organized a week Chinese training program for SPU students from 3 – 7 July 2017. Under academic collaboration, this program was created for the benefits of the two institutions. Not only SPU students enjoyed and gained knowledge from Chinese language and cultural learning program, but also for students of Kun Shan University to practice their skills, abilities and knowledge they have learned from Kun Shan University to teach Chinese in the real classrooms in Thailand. A group of 18 faculty members and students of Kun Shan University led by Dr. Mei-Tuan Tsia, Associate Professor & Chair of Chinese Language Center, arrived at SPU on 30 June 2017 and met SPU Executives to discuss the teaching plan and activities, with a very warm welcome from Vice President for International Affairs – Mrs. Chinda Tejavanija Chang and the Dean of School of Liberal Arts – Asst. Prof. Dr. Waraporn Thaima. Specially, the Chinese language and culture classes were scheduled for students from School of Liberal Arts, School of Digital Media, College of Tourism and Hospitality, and Sripatum International College. The activities provided in the classes included Chinese language training, Chinese calligraphy, cultural learning, dances and games. By the end of the program, the Certificate of Appreciation was presented to all faculty members and students of Kun Shan University for their volunteering service and contribution to the program.


Faculty members and students of Kun Shan University also conducted the Chinese language and culture class for students at SPU Chonburi campus on 7 July 2017. On behalf of SPU Chonburi, Assistant to the President Dr. Jiraporn Rahotarn delivered the welcome speech and the Office of International Relations team gave the support for the activities throughout the day. The program provided SPU Chonburi students with opportunity to practice Chinese language while making friends with students from Taiwan.