Inviting students to save sufficiently. Sripatum university"


Sripatum University and the National Savings Fund (AOC)
Invite students Sufficient savings
"Kor.Aor.Chor. Tonkla Savings Sripatum university"
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Submit application documents Can be used every Monday - Friday from 09.00 - 16.30 hrs.
Office of Scholarship Sripatum University, 6th floor
Student Activity Building (Building 10), Sripatum University, Bangkok

Saving details with National Savings Fund
1. Introduction to being a member of GSC. Click to read more here.
2. How to save a pension Click to read more here.
3. TVC, National Savings Fund (GSC) Click here
4. Public relations information, please click here.

- Age 15 - 60 years old, Thai nationality
Not in other state pension benefits systems
Insured person, 40th option 1
Who do not have the right to apply
- Government officials (With pension)
Insured person, 33, 39, M 40, option 2 (with gratuity)